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Camera Gear & Jewellery Stolen!!

Yes hard to believe my girlfriend Helen brought all my camera gear back from Portugal, believing it was unsafe to take it to Africa. A week later I received a call from her informing me $10k worth of camera gear was stolen from our unit! The thieves also took Jewellery, watches, GPS, and cash.

As you can imagine it is devastating to have your privacy invaded. It is also the sentimental things that are the greatest loss. The camera still had pictures on it of our once in a lifetime trip to the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, the Dakar as well as my friend and his family in Switzerland that I have not seen for 15 years. We also had signed photographs in the bag from the Dakar winners, Chaginne, Alphand, and Coma. Some were for us, and others were gifts for friends. Most of Helens jewellery was gifts from family and loved ones. My Yamaha watch was stolen which was given to me by Yamaha Australia for winning the first Technicians Grand Prix and representing Australia in Japan. These sorts of things are irreplaceable and probably mean nothing to the low life scum who stole them.

Common sense tells you the goods are long gone and never to be seen again, however you just never know who might stumble on them. Stranger things have happened and if nothing else it makes me feel better letting you all know about it. I hope you don't become a statistic like us.

So if you ever see a Canon 20D with one of the white symbols smudged on the left hand dial, check the serial number. The 70-200mm lens had two Dakar stickers on the lens hood. The Yamaha watch was silver with a blue face and had "2001 Tech GP" engraved on the back.

Canon EOS 20D Body Canon DS126061 1230600101
17-85mm f4.5-5.6 IS USM Lens Canon EFS17-85mm 6204054
Speedlite 580EX Flash Canon 580EX 235170
70-200mm f2.8 IS USM Lens Canon EF70-200mm 283913
Battery Grip  Canon BG-E2 83090
256mb Ultra II CF Card Sandisk    
1GB Ultra II CF Card Sandisk    
1GB Ultra II CF Card Sandisk    
Omni-Bounce Flash Diffuser  Sto-Fen    
Digital Camera Screen Protectors Kinetronics    
Hand Strap Canon E-1  
Lens Hood For EFS17-85mm Canon EW-73B  
Lens Case For EFS17-85mm Canon LP1116  
Spare Battery For 20D Canon BP-511A E160814
Eye Piece Extender Canon EP-EX15  
Remote Switch Canon RS-80N3  
Computrekker AW Backpack Lowepro    
B&W 67mm MRC UV Filter B&W Schneider    
B&W 77mm MRC UV Filter B&W Schneider    
CF Card Reader   XC4853  
Flash Trax Smart Disk 20GB  
Flash Trax Spare Battery Smart Disk    
Canon Extension tube EF12  Canon    
Hoya 67mm circular polarized filter Hoya    
Manfrotto tripot camera quick release plate Manfrotto 200PL14  
Mini tripod      


The photographs below are all A4 size and signed. Obviously I would like my stuff returned but I would also like the thieves caught! Why did we ever stop the hands of thieves being cut off??