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Dakar Rally 2012

Pre Race Preparation





Highlights Video

Here are a few photographs from the 2012 Dakar Rally. Being involved in the rally as a mechanic, meant I did not get to see any racing! Sorry about the lack of action shots, but I hope you enjoy viewing the rally through the eyes of the assistance crew. We are the "Roadies" not "Rock Stars" but just as important to a successful event. Although in South America, even the Service crew are treated like Rock Stars!

This year I spannered for Mark Davidson from Sydney. We also helped out Mike Stanfield from America and I also did some work on Luis Belaustegui's KTM 150cc 2 Stroke!

Special thanks to Mark for making this adventure possible. Also a special thanks to Jenny Davidson and Solange Espil for all their hard work and support throughout the event.


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