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Sunny Corner Trail Ride 2008

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This year the Sunny Corner Trail Ride was anything but sunny! The guys who arrived on the Saturday were treated to some great weather. However this weather turned on us during the night and we all woke up to constant rain in the morning. This did give way to the odd spot of dry weather and a glimpse of sunlight, but was soon overtaken with several thunderstorms and torrential rain. This made for an interesting, wet but mostly enjoyable ride for those who braved the conditions. It was far from ideal to have camera equipment out in this weather. In some of these shots you can see just how much rain was falling. The streams and creeks quickly turned into raging rivers that tested the riders on the afternoon loop.

This was the fourth year MMC was a sponsor and I look forward to hearing from all the winners of the Photo Gift Vouchers.

I was lucky enough to be offered the use of a Polaris ATV for the ride. It was awesome to say the least. There was a carry box fitted to the back so my camera gear stayed nice and dry (until I stopped and had to use it!) and safe from damage. I only used it on the afternoon loop and the limited ride I had on it impressed me. I travelled along the fire trails at a nice 40-50km/h (so I thought) and it soaked the bumps and rocks up with ease. Erosion jumps were no problem either. When I stopped to take some shots, I noticed the speedo was in Mp/hr! No wonder it felt faster than I thought. Then again, I was riding an 800cc V-twin fuel injected ATV with on demand 4x4!

When I came to the last creek crossing, it looked to be quite deep and faster than the previous one I had crossed. The last one was pretty deep and pushed the ATV downstream a little as I crossed. I had no other option than to give it a go. As it plunged into the creek, the front of the ATV all but disappeared into the coffee coloured swirl. Amazingly, it drove straight through with no problems at all. I was pushed downstream a bit, but made it out the other side. I was so impressed, I had to try it again to get a photo to prove the depth of water. Before I had a chance, a rider came through on his KTM and was swept away! The bike and rider went over, and the bike was swept away with only a handlebar showing it's progress down the creek. His mates jumped in and helped rescue the bike. I did have second thoughts about attempting it again, but I just wanted the shots! Thanks to the guy who took the shots for me. Check them out in "Polaris ATV".

A big thank you to Jake and Polaris for the use of the ATV. It certainly made my weekend memorable. Although I don't recommend you try this on your ATV, it did show me what the Polaris was capable of. Thanks guys.


Due to the large number of images taken at the event, not all are published on this website.  A large selection is available for viewing, however if you can not find a photograph of yourself, please email me a description of your bike and riding gear, including colours. I will then post the photo on the website or email it to you.

The images here are not full size or resolution. They have been reduced to speed up download time. Images purchased will be full resolution with the water mark removed. Images can be cropped to your instructions if required.


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