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Sunny Corner Trail Ride 2007

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Husaberg & Aprilia

Kawasaki & Sherco


Suzuki & Husqvarna

TM & Gas Gas


This year the Sunny Corner Trail Ride lived up to its name. The weather was great, bright sunshine, and dust instead of mud. This was the third year MMC was a sponsor and I look forward to hearing from all the winners of the Photo Gift Vouchers.

Here is a short note in regard to the few inconsiderate riders yelling abuse at either a 4x4 or bike going backwards on the course.......

Next time, take note at the riders briefing where it is pointed out that vehicles may be on the course (in either direction) at any time. It is still up to you to be aware of your own safety and speed as the forest is not always closed to the public. This is a trail ride after all! Recovery, medical, officials and media may be on the course with the event organizers permission. All of these people along with many volunteers make rides like this possible! Just because this may have inconvenienced your ride, be aware there could be a very good reason the vehicle is there. I am sure the riders in the accidents I attended were happy I was prepared to get medical help as quickly as possible. I am sure you would appreciate the same if it was you lying there in pain.......

A big thanks to those riders who stopped and offered assistance. Thank you to the riders who doubled me back to get help and to pick up my vehicle.


Due to the large number of images taken at the event, not all are published on this website.  A large selection is available for viewing, however if you can not find a photograph of yourself, please email me a description of your bike and riding gear, including colours. I will then post the photo on the website or email it to you.

The images here are not full size or resolution. They have been reduced to speed up download time. Images purchased will be full resolution with the water mark removed. Images can be cropped to your instructions if required.


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