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Kamfari - Darwin 2009

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This was my first visit, and hopefully not the last, to the infamous Kamfari Mud Race held in Darwin each year. The race is now changing its direction a little, to be slightly more environmentally friendly. This means the race involves less mud than previous years, but what is there will certainly test the skills of even the best mud/swamp riders. To add to the variety of the race, the organizers included some fast trail sections, creek crossings, pine forest and some man made obstacles such as a giant see saw. The race was held in the old Gunn Point Prison Farm and riders had to negotiate some of the old buildings, riding down tiled hallways, out through windows in in through doorways.

Thanks to the Darwin Motorcycle Club, and my old mate Fats for getting me to Darwin and looking after me for the weekend. Hope to see you all again next year.

Due to the large number of images taken at the event, not all are published on this website.  A large selection is available for viewing, however if you can not find a photograph of yourself, or would like to see all photos taken at the event, please email me your race number. I will then post the photo on the website or email a selection to you.

The images here are not full size or resolution. They have been reduced to speed up download time. Images purchased will be full resolution with the water mark removed. Images can be cropped to your instructions if required.

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