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Honda Trail Ride 1st & 2nd April 2006

General Shots






Gas Gas



As you can see by the photos, the river played a major part in the days proceedings. Don't feel bad if you were caught in action going for a swim, you were not the only one! I rode through the river twice with no problems, but on the final sweep on Sunday the river claimed me as well! Since I have the camera, no one got a photo of it. Maybe it was just payback for capturing all these people looking a little ordinary........

Due to the large number of images taken at the event, not all are published on this website.  A large selection is available for viewing, however if you can not find a photograph of yourself, please email me a description of your bike and riding gear, including colours. I will then post the photo on the website or email it to you.

The images here are not full size or resolution. They have been reduced to speed up download time. Images purchased will be full resolution with the water mark removed. Images can be cropped to your instructions if required.

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