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Condo 750, 15th & 16th April 2006




The GHR Honda Team were pleased to maintain the number one plate. Ben Grabham finished First Outright, with team mate Paul Sinderberry coming home second.

The weekend was marred by a fatal car accident on the Sunday night. Ian Cunningham, brother of GHR rider Jamie Cunningham tragically lost his life. Ian, aka The Big E, finished fourth outright in the Condo 750. Our thoughts are with Ian's family and friends.

Due to the large number of images taken at the event, not all are published on this website.  A large selection is available for viewing, however if you can not find a photograph of yourself, please email me your race number. I will then post the photo on the website or email it to you. Since I was spannering for the GHR Honda Team, and there was no final sprint, I did not get time to photograph everyone.

The images here are not full size or resolution. They have been reduced to speed up download time. Images purchased will be full resolution with the water mark removed. Images can be cropped to your instructions if required.

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